All fogged up and somewhere to go? We are here to help!

All fogged up and somewhere to go? Struggling with fogged up glasses? We are here to help! The vulnerable spots are the top of your mask, which lets out your breath directly into your glasses, and your unprotected lenses on which the moisture in your breath condenses. It is now time to streamline the relationship between your mask and your glasses. 1) Make sure the top edge of your mask fits snuggly along your nose and cheekbones. 2) Before putting on your mask, wet your lenses and lather them with soap or lens spray. 3) Rinse them thoroughly with warm water. 4) Let them air dry or sop up any remaining water with a gentle fabric (remember, what we’re trying to stamp out is moisture). The soapy water on your lenses forms a kind of anti-condensation barrier that should last for a few hours.

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